Austrian Hongkong Composers Connection

Austrian Hongkong Composers Connection

The Austrian-Hongkong Composers Connection has been developed to simply bring together young emerging composers and musicians from Europe and Asia to perform together. Its‘ sole purpose is to network and share music, artworks, ideas, experiences and resources among each other and to raise the audience’s interest in contemporary
music and culture.
The motivation and the enthusiasm of former projects and concerts led to the idea of the development of a composers connection and a further exchange program. It’s purpose is to organize concerts, performances, workshops and presentations of artworks of a large variety and gives musicians and composers the opportunity to share
their creative work. Idea and concept: Carolin Ralser and Wong-Chun Wai.



Johannes Berauer „Passacaglia“ for alto flute and piano

Marco Döttlinger „Infinite Loop“ for percussion and electronics

Kai-Young Chan „Mieko“ for solo flute

Chi-Hin Leung „When I am Talking to the Cloud…“ for flute and percussion

Carolin Ralser/Boes „Inkompetenzkompensationskompetenz“ for flute and electronics

Chun-Wai Wong „Autumn Leaves“ for solo flute